The force within us!

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No this is not a Star Wars related post. In fact I believe that I only watched the first few videos of it?

There comes a point when we realize that we are much more capable than what we believe.

Or what others believe.

No one is wrong, they have their own take on something based on their own beliefs.

Life is all about ceasing the moment; taking risks.

And being yourself!

In order to achieve this we need our ‘cant’s’ into ‘do’s’. Anything is possible. We just need to believe it. believe in  ourselves.

One of my favorite quotes is “Life is not possible, the word itself means I’m possible”

I am not where I am because I listened to others. I am where I am because I didn’t listen and neither did my parents. They spoke for me and got to the best rehab facility they could. It was my own self and actions that got me to walking, to eating, to driving, to school, to a job, to purchasing a home for me, and taking on paracycling.

When they told me or my parents no, we did it anyways!

Take a stance and do what is right for you within the law of course.

Are you abiding by the force within you?

See the source image

4 thoughts on “The force within us!

  1. Impossible says I am possible. I always loved this quote. Stay blessed

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