“The road to success is always under construction”

32 now 🙂

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Roads always have potholes, hidden dangers, etc. They are not mistake proof no matter what happens. Roads are always under construction even if they are not barricaded. Often these roads will have detours to bypass construction.

See the source image

But with detours, more time in involved in order to get to the original target and that is before you hit any more pieces of construction.

Just like roads are always under construction, our lives are under construction. We are not born with infinite wisdom. If we were then what is the point of living and existing?

Our lives experience detours when something may not go as planned but you eventually do get back to the road in some way, shape, or form.See the source image

Successes in life are also detours in life. When we reach a success we may have to detour around a dilemma in the road of life.

I’m only 31 but my…

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