Winning Wednesday!

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This morning before I started the drive to Oak Brook, IL for a training on QuickBooks Online I stopped at Starbucks for Breakfast.

A guy pulled up on his bike and it looked like a sleeping bag that was attached to it.

We walked in and he ordered first and me second. As I was leaving I noticed he was counting the bills he had left. I assumed this was what he had left.

I set my stuff down and headed to him and offered to buy him breakfast. I don’t have much but I do what I can. đŸ™‚

I think people are surprised by when someone with a cane goes above and beyond just to make someone else’s day. I think it is awesome.

Just one small act of kindness can change someone’s day!

Have you made a difference in someone else’s life today by a random act of kindness?

See the source image

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