3 P’s

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A new activity does not come with immediate success. Well that is true unless you are superman or superwoman.

With Cycling especially I am often one of the new people. I have been racing over 3 years but there are so many more that have raced longer.

It takes practice.

I currently practice a lot but often it may not seem enough. I am often towards the rear of competitors. In the sport of paracycling there are two classifications currently, T1 and T2. I am on the border of T1 and T2 so I got placed in the higher category where people’s disabilities have a less of an impact on racing.

Life is a road of continuous practice. New hurdles are faced. New tasks are given. New ideals are met.

It takes persistence.

Even though I could just call it quits after each race I come back to the next one in hopes that maybe this will be the time.

If you want something in life keep at it. Don’t let anyone ever tell you no.

It takes patience.

It took almost 3 years of being towards the rear and when I went to Canada to compete I actually beat someone. I was shocked.

There will always be lessons to face in life.

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When you master these three P’s then you will achieve a goal of yours. What are you achieving for?

3 thoughts on “3 P’s

  1. Great job Mandy ! Truly inspiring.Thank you .
    I take this opportunity in nominating you for the Mystery Blogger Award.

    Go through the link whenever you find time.Thanks again.


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    1. Thanks for stopping by and thank you for the nomination,


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