RIP Freezer and hello celebration

Ok so you are probably thinking how the heck a death mean a celebration?
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Have you noticed that when it seems you were lifeless that things just simply seemed better? When you had nothing it seemed that you have everything.

Even at our darkest hours, there can be something to celebrate.

My freezer died on Wednesday, it was most likely the original one of my condo that I think was built in 1990 so it was time. However it just happened to be at the lowest point in my life.

After finding one I liked and was in stock we went to order it. Turns out, it had to be ordered and that was still 5-7 business days. Installation was set on September 11. I just couldn’t win!

But looking back at it, I saved nearly $700 on it because of the time of year and a military discount. I guess I could wait for that and it’s a couple weeks before my original birthday so that is an awesome birthday present!

And then today I received an email about a position I interviewed for. Sadly it has been put on hold but only for about a week and I am still being considered for it.

When you are at the lowest point in life how do you celebrate?

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3 thoughts on “RIP Freezer and hello celebration

  1. Good luck with that job. I like the positive attitude you always share

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    1. Thanks. Life isn’t worth living if you are not helping others and having fun!

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