Always fight with people/things your own size!

If not, the bigger one will win.

This post is somewhat different as I don’t have much to go on that topic. I went on a ride today, I’m trying to do at least 20 miles three times a week until I find work. I had an interview August 20th and I am still waiting to hear back.

On my ride today I found the bike path that I thought had disappeared. Taking it to the end I found I-20 and Cherry Valley, IL. I live in the city over, Rockford, IL.

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And then the fun started! Coming back I had to ride on some roads that typically are not busy but today they were.

Ever heard of the bicycle rules of the road? I am going to start carrying a few copies on me. There was no sidewalk so I stayed as close as I could safely to the shoulder, I had a few people tell me to get off the road and one came so close to me I was afraid that I was going to tip off. On a 3 wheel bike this is much easier to do.

I got off that road and found my way to a

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And of course I nearly got hit again. Cell phones and driving do not mix. This was about 17 miles in so I decided I had enough of traffic.

4 miles later and I was home. With all the stopping I did I estimate that it took me under 2 hours.

Fight with those your own size or you will loose!

4 thoughts on “Always fight with people/things your own size!

  1. Yikes that sounds a bit scary. Yes, cellphones unfortunately are bad news, especially when some drivers don’t want to use the Bluetooth connections. I hope you hear back from the interview people.

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