Preparation is the key to success

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We all hear the word preparation in our daily lives. By definition Preparation is the action or process of getting ready to be used or made available.

It’s a word that I feel is often under used.

We can’t go into a test without preparing for it. To do this we often have to do a lot of studying. Have you ever walked into a test unprepared and did well on it? Probably not as I’m guessing.

As a child our parents prepare us for life. We learn what not to do, what to say, and so on often through the process of trial n error. As we grow older we gain more responsibility and learn more. But do we ever stop learning?

Now imagine that you are a young adult. You get injured. Does that preparation disappear? Most likely not; it just may need to be uncovered.

We also can’t expect to go into a job interview unprepared.

Disclaimer this may not hold true if you are applying at a fast food job down the road such as McDonald’s.

We  craft our resumes to align with the job before in hopes we land an interview.

Once that preparation ends it doesn’t stop there.

Awesome you are called for an interview! Is it time to panic? Well no unless you think panicking will bring you success. It’s time to prepare! Print copies off your resume, print copies off of your references, know how to answer common interview questions, take a shower, etc.

See the source image

Be prepared!

I have a job interview this afternoon:

  • Resume is printed
  • References are printed
  • Cover Letter is printed to complete the packet
  • Clothes are picked out
  • Directions are printed (For if some insane reason I get lost since the company is only a 5 minute drive from my house. Preparation!


Preparation is the key to success. Are you prepared?

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