Leftie versus Rightie

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75 to 85% of the population are right handed.

Those who are right handed have a significant advantage since most doors are for right handed individuals. The world is built around right handers.

Right handed people are left brained, have a higher ability in math, logical thinking. memorizing, comparing, and discovering patterns.

Lefties only make up a 15-25% of the population. They generally are clumsy but at the same time are very athletic. They are also usually good with creativity and most of the US Presidents are lefties.

Your dominant hand signifies whether you are a leftie or a rightie. Your dominant hand is important to the tasks that you do each day. You eat with your dominant hand, most tasks are completed with your dominant hand, and your penmanship is better with your dominant hand.

And yet only 1% Of the population is ambidextrous meaning that they are both hand dominant.

Your dominant hand is usually determined at birth and your genes. With the choice of dominance, everything is taught with that hand.

If you are born a leftie can you change your dominance to rightie? That’s a question that I would love to know the answer to.

Likewise can a rightie become a leftie? Ok why would they want to?

But in my case becoming a leftie  was pretty much the only option during my recovery. The left side of my brain was injured so the right side of my body became harder to control and used. It was at this time that I learned to write with my left hand simply because it was easier. Eventually I went back to being a rightie but I can write with my left handed.

When I walk, my left hand holds the cane thus making it appear that I am a leftie. I often put my watch on my left hand too. Oh the looks I get when I start writing with my right hand. It is quite amusing.

Can you really change who you are born and by genes?

8 thoughts on “Leftie versus Rightie

  1. It’s a really interesting question you pose. 🤔 I know in the olden days it was frowned upon to write with your left hand, and so were disciplined into writing with their right hand. But people would still do other things with their left hands anyway.

    I think if genetics determine your dominant hand, then you’d have to be actively trying to change that for everything you do, for a long time. It would be quite hard and probably feel very unnatural, but I think you could actually change it if you were determined enough.

    I for one wouldn’t want to change my left handedness for the world ☺️

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    1. Very interesting response! Thanks for stopping by today.

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  2. I think people start off pre-programmed but as they live their lives, experiences weigh in and adaptations can occur. I’ve got life methods I guess I’ll generally call them that have had to adapt to changes in my body. There are also behavioral changes based on life experiences, like being afraid around people after being attacked. I think we start off with what we’re given, then make necessary changes to survive and succeed in life. If a lefty wanted to be a righty (or vice versa) it would take a lot of work so they’d have to have a good reason, but they could get to a functional place. I personally think lefties are cool and don’t think I’ve met one that I didn’t like.

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  3. My wife’s granddad was a left hander – until he lost arm from the elbow down in his 20’s – he then had to relearn every task right handed, so I guess it is possible! I’m left hand dominant, but right foot dominant. I try and do little tasks here and there with my non-dominant hand to get my brain and co-ordination working a little harder.

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  4. You are an inspiration sir …I admire your will and the way you write and inspire us , is truly amazing ..Plz keep on sharing

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    1. Thanks for the comment! (BTW I am female 🙂 )


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