Around and around we go

Cars, trucks, and planes Oh my! I spent a couple of hours playing with my three year old nephew this afternoon.

What a talker he is!

The first hour or so was spent in one room. There were plenty of cars in sight from golf carts to trucks. He asked for his car mat but not much play was done with that. Shortly after my stepfather went and got a board of wood. There was no markings on it and we simply labeled it a ramp. Over and over my nephew rolled the cars down the ramp. Fun was too be had.

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I never saw him use that mat and not before long we ended up in another room. There were planes, trains, a couple cars, and a farmhouse. There was also a board with a few train tracks and a ramp.

He would spend the next hour or so moving a train car around and around the tracks. When he got to the ramp he announced it and often pushed the train car through the bridge. This was as I moved a plane on the tracks sometimes running into his train car and getting “stuck” in the bridge. Good times were had but as a 3 year old is, he moved into the first room to play again.

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This got me to thinking. Do we really need to have “stuff” to make us happy? Or are we able to find joy in the simple things of life?

We have basic necessities of life (food, water, air, and housing) and the rest of our things are just extra. Can we do without them or is there a point when our wants turn into our necessities?

5 thoughts on “Around and around we go

  1. Well said.unfortunately we hide the child in us and forget the pleasure of playfulness of the child.Fully agree with your last para….unfortunately we are human beings and the our trait is greediness.Thank you friend for this inspirational post

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  2. Wish we are like kids, happy and in blithe

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