A writer’s block

I am struggling with what to write tonight. It could be the weather. It could pure boredom and loneliness. It could be nerves for Monday’s interview. Whatever it is, it is taking over me.

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As I sit here thoughts of needing to fit into society fall into my head and how they relate to society.

We learn at a young age that we must find a way to fit into society. There is no such thing as a free pass.

Even  as a child most of our parents had us do chores where we got an allowance to spend on the things that our parents wouldn’t buy. We could save it but I think many of us chose to spend it. As we grew older, our allowance may have grown for harder chores but at the same time our wants and desires grew. Eventually we would have to get a job to support ourselves and often that involved juggling other responsibilities and tasks such as work or school.

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Or maybe we want to play a sport. If we didn’t have the rights or traits we were often shut out from the top. And that didn’t stop when school ended. I picked up paracycling after my accident. And according to standards, a 5 feet 2 inch female weighed a max of 125 pounds to be at the top. I weigh about 132 pounds but I really don’t think that should matter whether you are top. It should depend on talent and not standard. In the case of paracycling it also depends on how your injury affects you.

We are not the same and we shouldn’t need to be standard!

Then with employment, if you are unemployed for an extended period of time, employers see that you are unworthy. You don’t have the necessary business skills. But what if you had to take time off of work to care for a relative or someone and were coming back? Or things at your last position just didn’t make sense as to why you are no longer there? Can that length of time really dictate how you will do the job now?

We don’t have the same reasons or background.

As I close I leave you with this thought, do we really need to confirm to the standards of society or should we become the best version of our self?

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2 thoughts on “A writer’s block

  1. Our world is funny.Our people are equally funny.No body knows how the criterion is taken into consideration while framing the rules.Some countries even follow guidelines framed centuries back.
    Yes I can and I will …..is the only solution.
    Thanks for this thought provoking post

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely agree with you! Thanks for stopping by.


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