If life throws you lemons make lemonade

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Difficulties can turn into positive abilities.

If someone tells you no, do it anyway. That’s how you will grow.

Learn the lesson being taught. It will provide you a way to conquer it that time and anytime that you face it in the future.

Being disabled I have been thrown a number of lemons. Society is not completely disability friendly. In the USA we have the ADA but even that doesn’t mean that the disabled have equal access to everything.

People think they are making it accessible but can someone in a wheelchair reach the soap dispenser on the back wall of a sink?

Or can they open the metal doors that conveniently trap bathroom noise from interfering with diner noise levels?

Or try navigating a wheelchair ACROSS those bumps in the edge of a sidewalk before you cross the street?

If life gives you lemons make lemonade!

3 thoughts on “If life throws you lemons make lemonade

  1. I so love this. We need to make best of what life offers to us. Lovely post.

    Liked by 1 person

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