Where are thou Blueberry Munchkins?

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They no longer sell them in my area but they sell them still in Iowa.

Is there something that you desire but for some reason can’t have?

Maybe it’s because of Money or maybe it’s because of availability.

It not being available does not mean it has to not be attainable.

Reach for the stars and you will find the item once again.  Try and try again. That is often what it takes.

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Even if you can’t find it now keep it in your mind when you least expect it to appear. You never know when it will surprise you!

I am watching what I eat right now but a rare opportunity came up when I stopped by a Dunkin Donuts on my way home from Iowa. They had BLUEBERRY munchkins which I haven’t had since they stopped selling them here in my area last year. I just raced 12.4 miles so I deserved a treat anyways.

So keep reaching and you will find it and make it attainable!

Now where are the Pumpkin Munchkins?

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4 thoughts on “Where are thou Blueberry Munchkins?

  1. I’m hypoglycemic now post tbi but I loved munchkins and used to work in a bakery!! Delicious😋

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  2. It’s actually getting better. It’s ‘reactive’ hypoglycemia which may improve with time as my brain and nerves heal. I’m used to it. 😉

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