You can’t run 24/7/365

See the source image

Well you can but it is probably not a wise idea.







you need to rest a bit and I’m not just talking about the sleep at night.

Take a break from your activities. Doing something 24/7/365 will only wear you done. You will be surprised at how far you can improve with some time off.

At the same time it also is probably not a good idea to jam activities in a week long time frame.

What happens if you get hurt? Do you continue on as if nothing happened? Do you try your hardest the second time around and your performance is falling?

Pushing yourself and not making a full recovery will only hurt you the second or third time around.

I should have no business telling you this advice because I should know better.

Last Saturday I did a time trial. I got an awesome time but only riding with an injury. Before the TT started I found the cement and gravel.


Then Thursday I had a rare chance to see the Packers game. I walked from side to side of Lambeau Field trying to locate the person with the tickets. I used my walker but that sucked with my hands.

And then Saturday I traveled to Iowa to do another TT on Sunday. Well guess what?


And I rode the TT and although my time was decent, it wasn’t great. I was made an honorary Iowa resident because they wanted to give me a medal. I wasn’t complaining!

Then I drove 3 hours home; I’m taking at least the next week off.

See rest is necessary. Unless you want to fail or get hurt. Take your pick!

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