Stoicism, Imperturbability, Composure

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By definition Patience is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. All of the above words are synonyms for Patience.

Don’t believe me? Look them up. I bet you didn’t think you would be hearing or seeing a vocabulary lesson today. Summer is almost over and School time is upon us.

But really, patience is something that we endure every day.

Lets say you want a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. This is not so simple as you have to butter the bread, wait for the pan to get hot, flip the sandwich so it doesn’t burn, and wait for the cheese to melt. Patience is a must here if you want to eat a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch.

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You exhibit patience as you wait your turn in the checkout lane of a store.

You are running late and hit nearly every red light on the way to wear you are going but you stop and wait until it turns green.

You are at the doctors and waiting for the lab test results to come back. It turns out after waiting and patience you don’t have the flu but rather a very nasty case of a cold.

Patience is everywhere!

Being disabled patience has become a way of life. We must wait if we can’t do it ourselves.

And patience is found in job seeking. This is one aspect of patience that I struggle with and I’ll admit it!

I am ready to get on with my life and away with the pain from how I left my last job. No explanation here. Why don’t you ask the controller why he thought getting rid of me was going to save the company and why hr was just as confused as me?

I must patiently wait for that phone call or email. Something will eventually prosper!

But any how.

Patience is found everywhere, even where you may least expect it Are you exhibiting patience today?

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