A new set of challenges

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When you encounter a traumatic and severe accident or injury, there are always a whole new set of challenges that must be faced.

Tasks may need to be relearned in order to make them possible.

Routes may need to be altered so that they are accessible to you.

Activities may need to be altered so that they can be enjoyed.

However there is one aspect that is often overlooked, education on it!

Since no two injuries are alike (yes the type may be the same but the underlying problem may differ), you really can’t assume that someone or something will act or do one way.

The problem and resulting action will usually differ from one person to another. What makes it worse for you if you only see a person a few times a year and maybe just didn’t know from the beginning.

Each person should have an idea of what they are capable of due to prior activity or the idea of ‘Trial and Error”.

This past weekend I took a trip 3 hours north of me. It was only possible of me taking that long of a trip alone after years of driving and successfully driving to Georgia by myself. If I didn’t think I was capable of doing it, then I probably would not have attempted it.

On my journey north I met with a relative that I only see a handful of times a year. It was a short visit but I may have said Thank you one too many times. That’s just how I am. Every time someone does something for me I say thank you. They are rarely around me so they just wouldn’t know.

It can get frustrating but I often need to remind myself of the fact that they are rarely around me. And I just push through it and try my hardest to leave on a good note.

If you ever experience this, you should try doing the same. Not only will you feel better about yourself, the other person will hopefully understand you better.

Be yourself and be proud of it! They just don’t know.

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