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You have your day planned out from morning to night.

You have a lot to Accomplish with no wiggle room in the schedule.

But then Peter needs you to finish something that he just got last night by the end of the day. The item was not in your plan of to do and with no wiggle room what are you to do?

Those items that are far less important are moved until tomorrow morning which happens to be a Friday.

Towards the end of the day Sally comes over with something that needs to be done by the time that you leave. You are nowhere near the end of the task Peter needs done and it is already 4 pm.

Then you get a call, your relative passed away Monday in Alaska (You live in Illinois) and the funeral is Friday and you have been volunteered to be an usher.

What do you do? Is it time to PANIC yet?

You still have to finish up Peter’s project, and then Sally’s project, and Everything that you were going to do tomorrow by 5 pm today.

Yes it is time to panic. Or is it?

Time to keep calm since you are in for a very long night. Maybe someone will help you out; it doesn’t hurt to ask!

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