I sprinted so hard that it broke my pedals

My bike is equipped with the vector power pedals so that it records my power in addition to speed , cadence, time, and hill grade. It’s nice when it works right. Occasionally the batteries will die and that is an easy fix!


Well yesterday I decided to venture outside with the weather not as hot as it has been and I decided to work on sprints. There is a stretch of road that isn’t that busy yet, 5 minutes from my house. It is not a long road but it is long enough to hit at least 30 kph on a sprint. I do a sprint down, a sprint back and I repeat a few times. My eyes are always on the road looking for potholes, objects in the road, and traffic. My bike is a 3 wheel bike so its very fun riding only 2 wheels and may be a bit dangerous.

Anyways I finish my sprints and look down, it tells me the right vector pod is missing. Oh great! I have no idea when it popped off but it was there when I started my sprints. It most likely came off when I heard clunk clunk. That really is not a good sign. At least my axle in the back didn’t come off. (That’s another story and I will tell it when I can tie it to some inspiration). I have to hook up my Garmin to the computer to see when it stopped recording and what was my highest speed at the time.


Even with this broken, my pedal still worked. I was still able to tell my time, grade, and speed. I lost my cadence and power until I get a new pod. I thought I had a spare one on my trainer but I must have used it the last time I had to replace it.

But did you notice that my bike still worked even though it was broken? Often in lives we experience some type of brokenness, whether it is a failed relationship, a lost relative or friend, or a lost job.

In the midst of it all we just deal with it as it comes. You pick yourself back up. Find a new partner in life. Find a way to soothe the grief you are experiencing. Update that resume and find a new job.

Even though I haven’t been working, I have been working. Now I just need to prove that to some. I haven’t lost any relatives or friends lately that I know of by death but my accident scared them all or most of them away. The ones I meet now are few and far in between. They just don’t understand me.

But I’ve learned that I can help others by writing my experiences down and they can use it as encouragement. That is awesome and I never expected that to happen.

You are worth it and only you knows what’s best for you.

5 thoughts on “I sprinted so hard that it broke my pedals

  1. It just couldn’t handle your massive wattage output!! 💪


  2. I liked that vector power. Maybe I should try it. Your thrust was too much for your bike to handle 😊


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