Not all superheroes wear capes



Superheroes are all around us even if we are not looking for them. They may come in our life for a short while or they come in our life for a long time.

Many of you really don’t know the extent of what I have to deal with and I often have a number of superheroes to get through day.

Of course not all superheroes can be positive but we really don’t know until we try. Awhile back I met a superhero through a job agency whose purpose was to help me find a job. His response was negative though and it scared me for a bit to even trust them.

My parents are superheroes with providing me with love and assurance to get through each day no matter how hard it was.

I went back to a job agency and that started great. Even though I found a job on my own, he was there to help me and to help them during my first year of employment up to when I was wrongfully let go. But that Superhero left and I got a new ‘superhero”. After a year or so I got yet another “superhero”. Again I am starting to loose trust in them.

A few months ago I found the courage to join LinkedIn. At first I was very cautious in what I said or wrote. I honestly didn’t know what others would think of me or my writings. I found some more superheroes that made me feel connected to this virtual world. They have given me the courage to talk more on the phone and to write more; to just be me. I really couldn’t ask for more.

One of these superheroes is doing more than I would ever imagine. He volunteers his time to fight fires, holds a job to find and staff companies with talent, is a superhero to both his wife and his daughter, and is a superhero to helping veterans find work. What more can you ask for?


(Disclaimer, the left picture is not of him because he must have had super powers to make all photos of him fighting fires invisible)

Who is your superhero?

3 thoughts on “Not all superheroes wear capes

  1. So true and I love this post


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