It looked like you could pick it up to eat it

but if you tried, then you probably would have made a mess.


Food is something that we enjoy and often indulge in. Maybe it was those Oreos? Maybe it was a bologna sandwich?

Or maybe yet it was a shake and fries from McDonalds? Yummy!


When I was given the okay to eat food I was delighted. Time for a bologna sandwich and a trip to McDonalds out of these 4 walls.

One of the first few meals that I got to eat in the cafeteria was a bologna sandwich with peas on the side. Ok it wasn’t the glorious of all meals but it was real food or so I thought.

When you first start eating you are not given foods that were normal. They were but they were not. They were pureed nut they were colored and shaped like the real thing but good luck trying to pick it up and eat it. They were pureed so that you can just take a spoonful and swallow it without having to chew it.


It wasn’t solid food but it wasn’t liquid either so it was manageable.

but that also meant no fries from McDonalds. Not Even a cheeseburger. Oh the horror!

Shakes were okay though until they started to melt than they were too thin of a liquid.

And then there was the meal of fish. Looked like a fish and there were two big pieces of it that I needed to eat to avoid drinking Ensure (Yuck!). These looked like fish but they were pureed so that you had to eat it by a spoon; sometimes a fork. But oh my gosh this was the nastiest fish that I have ever eaten. So bad I will not touch any type of seafood to this day.


In life there may be something that you can do but it may need to be modified in the beginning.

You want to join the basketball team? First you need to learn how to shoot the ball and get it through the net. And don’t forget about traveling! You actually have to dribble the ball.

You want to be an artist but you have no idea how to pick up and hold a brush. You learn one way as a beginner but as you become more skilled you learn to hold it another way.

You want to run for office but first you need to know your values. Overtime these values may slightly change depending on the knowledge learned throughout the years.

Not everything is what it looks like at first. You may need to take a step back and develop basic techniques and skills first.

Once you have the foundation you can venture into the advanced techniques. Maybe you will become a successful artist. Maybe you are drafter into the NBA. Maybe you finally have become president.

What do you want to do but are still a “beginner”?

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