No pain, no gain. Right?


There are things in life that we need such as food, water, and shelter. But there are others things that we want.

Maybe we want a new computer.

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Maybe we want a new car.


Maybe we want a new job.

Most of these wants can come without too much pain. Sure it may mean giving out more money but do we really gain from it?

So you go to school to learn a new trade and there is pain from debt, all nighters, etc. But do you really gain from that? How many of you actually do what you learned in school? Sure we use parts of it but nothing in its entirety quite often.

And even breaking further from wants are our dreams. We dream of being the next famous celebrity. We dream of having a family with three kids, a dog and a cat, and located in a big house in the heart of a city.  We dream of making a three thousand figure salary.

But with those dreams come pain. Maybe it’s physical pain to your body. Maybe it is a social pain to your life. Or maybe it is even a pain to your wallet.

No pain, no gain

A huge dream of mine now is to represent USA in the Paralympics. There is a bunch of pain associated with that.


There is the pain of the cost of the training and equipment. I’m sad to say my trike is worth more than my car. It is worth about 10K if you don’t factor in depreciation.

There is the pain of not being good enough. With a change in class, I am competing against people who are least affected. It sucks!

There is the pain of not feeling accepted.

There is the costs of competition both nationally and internationally. Sometimes you are lucky and competitions are local but that only happens a few times a year for me.

There is the pain of injuries. I won’t confess the number of times I’ve fallen off the trike or the number of  scrapes I’ve had. Right now I am avoiding putting weight on my right knee because I forgot to wear my brace.

How we handle this pain is up to each of us. No one but yourself is holding you back!

Are you chasing your dreams? Is there pain involved?


2 thoughts on “No pain, no gain. Right?

  1. Thank you for this moving blog post!

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