A year into this pandemic

When does it stop?

Vaccines are coming out and that seems to be quite a hopeful glance at the end in sight.

Numbers are going down and more places seem to be opening.

In fact I already have a few trips planned and I am so ready to get out!

One thing however that I was dreading is the uneven negative leaning treatment towards those with disabilities

I can work my butt off but quite often only a handful seem to notice. I really wonder if I were just to stop trying to be noticed and just be “normal” that everything would change?

Would they even notice me or is there some magic spell that someone uses that says “pick me”?

Along with that I feel others think they are better than me, so what if you have the “title”? I really find it funny that have this title, that you feel the need to tell others what to do. Please pay attention and please trust me, oh that can go a long way!

I have loads of respect, a Master’s in Forensic Accounting, Military Service, Years of Experience, Girl Scout Gold Award, and have survived death!

How many of you can say that?

What is “normal”?

Can normal be defined?

I left the corporate world due to the discrimination and treatment that I endured with Greenlee. I was hopeful when I found a position with a small business but once again I dealt with discrimination there.

And now I am finding myself that I need to deal with it again, when does it stop?

I took off a while from blogging with the hopes of finding myself but that doesn’t seem to be working.

I’m “stuck” in the sense that every time I want to leave the state I am talked out of it.

So where do I go from here? I am out of ideas.

1 thought on “A year into this pandemic

  1. Yernasia Quorelios March 27, 2021 — 11:21 pm

    💜 As is The Case with AnyOne I May Only Speak Authoritatively from My Experience; this means that what I Have to Say is My Own Personal Proof and Experiential Evidence which, if I AM NOT!!! Trusted, Means NOTHING!!! at ALL to AnyOne Else…when NOTHING!!! I Expected Eventuated I STOPPED!!! Expecting and Started Drifting; with The Benefit of HindSight Drifting is where I Should Have Started Out as a Callow Youth instead of Adopting The Inflexible Inanities of My Mentally MisGuided, Poor Parents, Teachers and Other Authority…a Torrential River of Opportunity picked up The Piece of Driftwood that I’d Become; somehow in The Maelstrom I Fashioned a Most UnExpected Vessel in which I Now Navigate The River of Opportunity and its Tributaries until I Reach The Ocean of Origin where Evaporation Occurs and The Cycle Starts ALL Over Again…while My Towering Past Achievements and Rigid, Inflexible Plans Served Their Purpose I AM, Now, as a Child Again, Fluid and Flexible; each moment I AM Renewed, Learned and I Award MySelf Qualifications that ARE Accepted by Some and Rejected by Others



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