Where do I belong?

I have always struggled with this question, even more so now than ever

So I ask you, do you know where you belong?

How did you find yourself?

Was it through trial and error?

Was it the endless supply of Zwift bike rides?

Or maybe reaching the bottom in your self view worth?

Or was it having to figure out with the endless amount of time you suddenly had on your hand because of a pandemic?

Or was it having to cope with those who over protect you?

For me I am still trying to answer this In many aspects I need to alter it so I can understand and of course some people just don’t get me It can be frustrating at times

Or I have those who have a hard time letting go.

But do something completely different.

Get a pool

Go find yourself before it is too late.

3 thoughts on “Where do I belong?

  1. Finding life purpose, though seems simple is often the hardest question to answer – my mantra where you heart is your purpose is not too far –


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