The circle of life

See the source image

That makes it never ending.

If you are on a path you will only divert from the path from a short while before you head back to it.

And this diversion can take days or it can take years; there really is no set time frame.

Oh where was I going with this one?

A lot of stuff that I learned before the accident has helped me to get through the obstacles I face today.

And I love the fact that my fan base is still growing.

I haven’t made it to the Olympics/ Paralympics YET

I am not a millionaire yet

I am not married yet; guys can’t keep up with me!

I don’t have any children (Not sure that I ever will though)

All I have is

This college degree in Forensic Accounting

Scars from Injuries

A broken brain

People who think they are better than me

All of these are not that splendid and great but they make me who I am.

You can be whoever you want to be. Just put your mind to it and make it happen!

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