Ride Bikes

I am close I can feel it.

So at the start of this pandemic I had this crazy idea to subscribe to Zwift,

and then I had this crazy idea to start this challenge.

I’m almost there and I can then say I’ve climbed Mount Everest!

Safely at least.

I’m getting stronger on the trainer but I know when I hit outdoors my speed will decrease; we’ll blame it on the traffic and the need to balance some on the trike! Hey I’ve fallen off the trainer, no joke!

Do you ride bikes? Does it make you feel free?

6 thoughts on “Ride Bikes

  1. So close, but keep “climbing” once you’re done. You gotta clock another 135,000 feet after completing Everest to unlock the Tron bike! 😉 I haven’t been on Zwift for a while now, as I’ve been checking out another virtual platform.

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      1. Once you complete the Everest mission DON’T LEAVE THE CHALLENGE! Keep going (and going and going) and eventually you unlock the Zwift Concept Tron bike. 😁

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        1. Ok thanks, can I switch from feet to meters and not loose progress?

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          1. Yep. Should not affect progress.

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