Where did April go?

It’s now June and my calendar still says March…

Inspirational Leader


Thursday is April 30 but my calendar STILL says March.

I have not felt much of a reason to change it

and it feels like it is still march.

There are still times left for bike rides I think

but at the same time oh so many have been cancelled.

At times it feels like part of me has been ripped from me but at the same time I know it hasn’t.

I have closed some chapters this month, opened up new chapters, and still fight a never ending battle with others.

It’s frustrating when I can work my tail off but get nowhere or have others simply look down on my achievements.

There have been times when I have wanted to say screw it all but there is something holding me back.

I’m still trying to figure that something out and get through this; just like each one of…

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