Do that, now fail

We all have ideas.

Some are great and will prosper

Many are just silent dreams that will fail!

How are your ideas? Are they working for you?

If not, how can you change it?

Are you changing it to make it succeed and to be an inspiration for others?

I’m no stranger to failure but what works great is that I learn from it!

I had this great idea that I’d get on the trainer to finish a Strava challenge at 7 am; I didn’t get on until 7:30 and I mistook that it was meters and not feet. Well I hit the challenge if it was in feet :P. I have tomorrow to climb 2,000 feet :(.

When I lost my job in October I had this great idea to make a business I’m working with one person but I guess I need to pivot to become more profitable. I love my title though! “Head Unicorn Wrangler”.

I am sure that I have failed a lot more with having great ideas but I don’t want to bore you so I’ll leave it there

How are you pivoting?

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