Should it matter what others think?

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In short no it shouldn’t

but where do you draw the line? Do you have to be confined by what others think or should you be free enough to have some control?

If it was a medical necessity, how can you regain the ability to have some control?

If it wasn’t medically necessary then how the heck do you get others to understand?

In a few days I will be 13, 13 year survivor of an accident that should have taken my life:


I have conjured up numerous reasonings as to why it may have happened or why it happened in place of something else.

Being 13 I am hitting the teenage years, with that comes the normal female 13 attitudes and such.

I already know that many do not like me because I say or do something but should I really care?

Yes I  realize that many will leave…

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3 thoughts on “Should it matter what others think?

  1. it never does – what we think matters the most

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