Life is like a box of chocolates

Minus Texas of course

Inspirational Leader

See the source image

Some are very delicious

and some are disgusting

The fun here is that no two people have the same feelings, the same taste.

My suggestion is to you is to bite into those disgusting pieces and learn what you can from them.

This can and will only help you in life.

It will help you as you press forward and work to inspire others with what you are able to do and accomplish.

I can always tell when I am nearing the end of my box, perhaps its a small box too which can make it quite interesting.

The disgusting pieces all seem to gather but I know that eventually a new box will open.

In fact a new box will open up in the next day or two, I’m trying on my own a vacation to Texas and that will be interesting!

Are you living life like it is…

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