What is the weakest link?

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It’s during these times of uncertainty that we realize what people stand for.

Maybe it is out of boredom,

Maybe it’s the need to say something overall,

Maybe it is so they can voice their opinion.

It’s these times we may see the struggles someone has or maybe it doesn’t,

We are all in this together, no matter the outcome.

No matter if you are Republican or if you are a Democrat.

No matter if you are a Christian or an atheist.

Yes times are tough but we will get through it if we work together.

That means no bickering if the opposite party opposes something.

No bickering if someone posts something with no intention to be rude against someone or something.

No bickering if something is not done your way.

No bickering if something just isn’t right.

Yes these are trying times but we will get through it if we work together.

Help out where you can,

Do Random acts of kindness whenever safely possible.

Aim to understand the struggles someone may go through.

I’ll be honest, for me times certainly have been worse.

All the basic skills that many of you take for granted are skills where it takes much more effort for me to do but I get them done, no matter the pain or delay it may cause.

Help out for the sake of helping out ANYONE in the community.

What is the weakest link in your hometown? How ARE YOU helping them?

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