Trying times

makes for different measures, different activities, and different norms.

Try something new and you’ll be glad that you can. Do a random act of kindness or do a puzzle.

Organize the office.

Do something you have always wanted to try but just haven’t had the time.

In the process continue to be an inspiration to others, that’s all we can safely do.

See the source image

This morning I hit up Nothing Bundt Cakes. I was trying to help them out and tried to purchase 10 for almost $50. I was very surprised when she told me $19 so I’m thinking ok why so low. I told her and then she said $34, ok getting there. LOL There was apparently a deal that I didn’t know about.

So I bought them, went home, and tried to pass them out unnoticed. Well I got caught by someone who just got home. Ok well that didn’t work.

So now I am microwaving Peeps!

Have a great evening all!

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