National quarantine


Ok it just got serious,

it’s during this time that people panic and fear the end of the world.

But at the same time I realize that many of them HAVE NOT  been in the military.

What you have in the military is often minimal and you learn to make do with any situation no matter what you may have.

The panic and hype about TP is quite hilarious, sometimes I wonder how much do people actually use? A roll for me can last about 3 weeks and I have about 10 rolls. This may cause an increase in trash production but wouldn’t it be wiser to use washable plates, etc?

Maybe I am over thinking it, the media is creating havoc.

When we run out of something be creative and use something that you do have.

We will all be fine at the end;

Grocery stores will get new product

Everything will be refreshed,

We will go back to what really matters!

Interpret it as you want but stop with all the panic! Things may have been worse! for pete’s sake.

4 thoughts on “National quarantine

  1. I don’t get it either. Who seriously needs a hundred rolls of toilet paper?!?!

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  2. I worked in Army Aviation so if we needed anything we would just fly out and get it. No problem!

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