Hurry up and wait!

See the source image

Do it right now but then sit around wait.

This is quite common especially in the military,

but not so much for the general population

UNLESS a pandemic happens!

All these people are running around stocking on toilet paper of all things. They make it seem like they have to hurry up and stock up on the TP and just wait.

What exactly are they waiting for? Yes supplies will get bare and things will get scarce.

But maybe the lack of food will help solve the obesity crisis?

Think about it, everyone seems so worried about TP that they are not worried about food.

Food becomes scarce, people will of course panic, but that means they will eat less so that it will go farther.

Maybe I am thinking into this so deep but it really makes me wonder why all the hurry to get TP?

I don’t always understand why people do what they do and this is one of those reasons.

So why hurry up and wait?

What if this pandemic doesn’t have as big of an impact as thought?

What if people didn’t lose their minds?

What if they weren’t worried about TP?

What if everything turned out ok?

What if?

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