Adapt and be different!

Inspirational Leader

Is it ok to be different?

Did someone say that you have to be just like everyone else?

Well if someone did they are more than likely wrong!

See the source image

most of us do not live in a communist country; we have a right to free speech, a right to bear arms, and other rights as described by the countries constitution.

So it’s ok to be different plus it can sometimes bring up a great topic for a conversation starter!

In fact, I recommend it. Do you really want to be seen dressed like and acting like your cousin Sally?

I’m different and there is no lying about it! I do stuff my way and if someone doesn’t like it well they don’t have a say, do they?

or if they disagree and I am bothered, they may just see a color change (I don’t hit like a girl!)

Are you being…

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