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How is famous defined?

Is it by the amount of money that they have?

or is it by their status within life?

Or is it simply being good at something and being good at it?

Even in that situation, if people don’t know about you then how can you be famous?

Or are you famous if you hold a title of some sort such as the National Hot Dog eating contest champion?

We can all be famous for something. We just have to be known for it.

I am constantly being acknowledged by strangers for my inspiration and desire to succeed. Yes I could have given up plenty of times but what fun is that?

Is there something that you are known for?

6 thoughts on “Famous?

  1. This is a profound subject, because since the mass media and thereafter the web 2.0 with the social networks, fame is propagated like never before in our society.

    The picture you chose is also absolutely fitting, because Hollywood in my eyes did start and cultivate fame to such a level that nearly each of us would go totally mad if meeting a Hollywood personality – totally forgetting that those are normal people like us.

    What I did, after having failed miserably to fulfil my dream of fame, wealth and beauty, was to go with the flow and turn my attitude around by 180° by not focussing on the opinion others have on me, but on my own self-esteem, which led to a self-discovery into a total different realm in which the comparative ego resides.

    To me it looks that being driven by fame bears the danger of being prone to strokes of fate, as we can see in “the next superstar” shows, so lots of people fail,
    and for the few who succeed fame can lead to depressions even the most successful superstars do encounter.

    But if the focus is on fulfilling ones inner demand for purpose it can bring you to a place which in return attracts fame (on top of happiness).

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      1. My link was spam-filtered, so the url as text for you to paste into your browser (or simply read the url) :

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          1. You know, the funny thing is that as soon as you did like it I did get a mail notification,
            and in there my above link without http:// was clickable in my mail and led straight to that picture.
            (Maybe my mail-client did recognise the .com-link and made it clickable)

            Btw, you can set in your settings how many links are allowed to be posted.
            Wordpress did set this by default to two links and more are held for moderation, so I left it since they must have most experience in those matters.
            But your own install may have different default settings.


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