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We both have a map inside our hearts that directs us home I have one part you hold the other And when we put those two pieces together the pathways click My river flows into yours Your green grows seamlessly further onto mine And then it shows home was closer than we thought we only […]

via The Map Inside Our Hearts — Rose Girl’s World

Do you know how to get home?

16 thoughts on “The Map Inside Our Hearts — Rose Girl’s World

  1. Hey, ‘forensic Mandy’,
    Apart from that being a really beautiful poem,I just wanted to give you another feedback:

    I now tried all sorts of settings and even a second browser to see whether the problem that I can’t like your posts lies on my end, but it seems to be an issue with your site.
    I assume that it has to do with your own wordpress installation on your own domain.
    (Maybe with cookies or so)
    I just post this as a comment instead of a mail to you, because maybe some other visitors also have that problem and can throw in their two cents.

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    1. Thanks. I didn’t find anything but I will look again.

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      1. Well, you are the forensic, so if anyone will find it, it’s likely be you.
        The nerve-wrecking part is to find others who have the same issue in the web – I already did search for “likes not working in wordpress”, but found nothing so far.
        I guess you can treat it like a hobby to once in a while target this issue from another angle.
        More power to you !

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        1. Different kind of forensic. I find fraud and other errors in accounting.

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  2. I have to reply above, because your chat only allows for 3 levels.
    Yes, I know, Mandy, that you are finding mistakes in accountancy – you told me in the last conversation we had.
    This is why I meant – “you, as the forensic [accountant] will find the errors”.
    Your job btw, subconsciously triggers me to re-evaluate my honesty, each time I visualise a tax-evaluation breathing down my neck 😉
    Fortunately my conscience is clear 😀


      1. testing successfully straight away herewith,
        whether we are on the same level ;-p 👍

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          1. this is great! – I can go even deeper!
            it gets profound 😮

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              1. I was about to say: “give me 5”, but you beat me to it by the double 😳
                You know, what’s better in your theme than mine is that your levels stay the same width, because in my theme at level 10 the comment field is just wide enough to give someone a thumbs up ]👍[

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                  1. You don’t have to be sorry for my theme haha – after all, I wanted it threaded.
                    Instead of liking your comment, for a change I did test how to like my own one above
                    – it works and is a true sign of self love!
                    (others would call it ‘digital masturbation’)

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                    1. You made it!
                      You beat the endless comment hierarchy of 10 levels, and I could not reply to your last comment anymore.
                      (Hence I was sitting there for hours to figure out how to reply, as you can see on my long pause)

                      So your “Lol” above was actually you literally having had the last laugh 😀


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