Just imagine, part 2


The major I originally chose was to be a math teacher.

However with my voice and dysarthria I didn’t think that was possible.

So I switched to Accounting.

Rasmussen college was in town but they could also be remote.

I was almost perfect on the math placement test, I even asked which ones I got wrong.

I took one class in person and decided to get my other classes remote.

I finished my AS Accounting with a 3.98 GPS ( Stupid A-)

I relearned how to drive.

I got my own place at OTRASSN apartments.

I went on and got my BS Accounting with a 3.99 GPA.

Now I was hooked and got my MS Forensic Accounting with a 3.93 GPA.

It was sometime in this that I picked up paracycling.

I graduated with my Masters and got a job at Greenlee.

I bought my own condo.

Greenlee went sour after 3 years of great progress and work. Not sure why, may be related to the tax break that was expiring. 😦

Back on SSDI. What to do now?

Friends still were not around.

I experienced discrimination when looking for a job. I have the skills but employers found every way to eliminate me, including hanging up the phone on me.

I finally landed a job at Culinary Accountants.

I became the church treasurer and the fights I have to battle are somewhat amusing to me. But oh well.

Paracycling seems to be turning into a fight of the least disabled. Now what do I do? I am still trying to find out WHERE I fit in.

Any idea?

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