Life without PTSD….

She has an interesting background. Yes the VA is broken and has problems, but don’t we all at some point in our lives?

A blog of little interest... We are made of stardust, take time to look from whence we came....

My interest in psychology started when the Air Force decided to use me as a scape goat and keep the base reputation from going down the toilet, over the rape and attempted murder of my children in base housing…. so why the interest in psychology???

When I was forced to see a shrink and undergo psych testing via a paper test, I asked a pivotal question the doctor could not answer and if he had done his job, he would have recognized I had a brain injury… but the base reputation was more important and many higher power were orchestrating the actions that were to follow that psych evaluation… I asked the doctor this question…. “Can you change your personality”????

I asked that question, because by now, after only having a menstural cycle for less than 8 years the Air Force took all my organs out and that mess is…

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