Guess what?

Things may suck right now but they will get better

for you

for me

we just need to aim for the stars and

do all that we can do.

What we accomplish should never be in the best interests of others.

We are our each person.

We have our own talents

Our own wants

Our own needs

We are all unique and that is what that matters.

Things are finally starting to look up for me but this may be the reason everything happened. Now only if I can get moved?

But is that too much too ask?

Are you looking up to the future? What are your dreams? Are you chasing them?

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2 thoughts on “Guess what?

  1. Yernasia Quorelios July 11, 2019 — 8:51 am


    ♡ ‘Your Fault!!!’

    The Blame Game goes Something Like This
    She: “You ARE a NARCISSIST!!!”
    Me: “Maybe I AM; I AM Certainly a Mirror Miss.”

    …External/Internal Protection, CHOICE!!! then We RISE!!! or FALL!!! where ARE!!! You; here, there or nowhere 🤔 ?


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