When I walk I dance


What is the definition of normal?

Does it even exist? We are all made differently in this changing world.

And sometimes we just do something differently.

Does that make any of us worse than others?

Or can we celebrate and embrace the different actions because that person has found a way to do something?

They do it in their way.

Over 13 years ago, doctors assumed that I would never walk again.

Boy were they wrong.

I went from a wheelchair to a walk to a quad cane and to a single pole cane.

Somewhere in there was a set of loftstrand canes.

And now I take short distances WITHOUT anything. Because of a loss in balance sometimes I dance when I loose my balance.

Others are often surprised when I stay upright.

But it works for me!

Are you embracing the differences of others?

2 thoughts on “When I walk I dance

  1. Yernasia Quorelios July 10, 2019 — 5:38 am

    ♡ I AM MY NORMAL!!! EveryOne; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that My Former Friends, and Especially My Former Wife, Consider Me AbNormal and LEFT!!! Me, Leaving Me Devastated, Feeling Abandoned…I AM Fortunate to Have an Incredibly, Kind, Caring, Pure, Supportive Family; so, now, if People SCREAM AND SHOUT!!! “I AM LEAVING YOU!!!”, I Quietly Reply “OK; Goodbye and Good Luck.”…it’s also Crystal Clear Clarity that The Acts of Compassion Work; so if a bit of Person Persuades Them to Come Crawling Back I Suggest look down and Ask “What ARE You Doing Down There; here Take My Hand, Get The Fuck Up and Look Me in Our Eyes 🤔 ?…


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