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Can too much of something be a bad thing?

Or can it be a good thing?

It depends on the situation and circumstances surrounding it. And some can be good for some things but a bad thing for other things.

It sure can be frustrating but you have to evaluate the circumstances surrounding it.

Laughing at it may be helpful as well.

I went to the grocery store today and got 7 items.

How many bags do you think I got?

A total of 5. Now I can understand an individual one for bread but a bag for pretty much 1 a piece? (the bananas were with a sandwich, celery sticks were with coffee creamer)

I think the bagger saw my cane and assumed that I needed so many. I just laugh at this. If they only knew that I rode 35 miles and did one arm pushups right after.

Is too much of something a good thing?

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