Once in the military


Always in the military.

Some personality traits can never be forgotten. Part of the military is a sense of purpose to protect your brothers and sisters.

This can often be heard but how many of you actually know what the heck I am talking about?

I’ll give you a hint, it doesn’t mean protecting your younger sister suzy or older brother named zane.

This goes much deeper and it really is hard to explain.

Since I was injured I never felt really comfortable around people that were not in the military. I often felt ignored and misunderstood. Heck I know I’m difficult to understand but the way I accomplish and do things may not be normal as how you  might do it.

There are a few organizations that revolve around the military including Project Hero, Salute Inc, Operation Rebound, and Wounded Warrior Project.

When I am at an event I know that I am not seen as disabled but rather just like them. I am often accepted by someone from hour one. That is just freakin’ awesome!

I know that my story is quite inspirational and also quite unbelievable! A few people here saw my car from that day. And some of them have already heard my story.

I do what I do because I don’t like being left out of something. And what keeps me going is the words of encouragement from others. And it is just not from those that I hear verbally but also those that are impacted in some way. So Thank you!

What have you done to help others today?

5 thoughts on “Once in the military

  1. Discipline, perseverance and pride – forces gives this to people – My dad was in the Indian Air force, So I have seen it personally

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