Wanna race?


Different kind of post today but I have to reiterate this again.

I have a handicap card and my injuries are not completely visible when I am sitting in a car. When I walk I am slower but very thankful that I  am still able to walk. I refused to stay in a wheel chair.

As a result of my car accident EVERYTHING takes more energy to do so.

I had a time trial with headwinds of up to 25 MPH going out and crosswinds coming back but I booked it and hit 35 KPH coming back to make up some lost time.

I decided to drive back tonight instead of staying in a hotel tonight. My first stop was Bob Evans (Hey I needed to eat lunch).

As I pulled into a handicap spot I got dirty looks from not one but two older people. And as I walked inside I got a few more but this time the people were younger. Thankfully no one came up behind me.

After I finished my lunch I headed on the way home.

About an hour later I had to pee (Sorry but the truth)

And I pulled into an oasis and once again pulled into a handicap spot (Closer to the door and my legs were worn out). I hadn’t even got out and I got at least one dirty look that I saw before I even got out.

And of course I got another when I got out.

By now I was pretty upset but as I walked in these 3 younger males came up on my heels and almost knocked me over. I moved to the side and the lady behind them who was also using a cane wanted me to go forward but I was like no.

Each time I got the look I really wanted to ask them, hey wanna race bikes? I bet I can beat you! but I didn’t.

So we need to do a much better job of teaching diversity and inclusion to both our younger generation as well as our older generation.

How do we do that?

On a good note I got my banana bread from Bob Evans and exceeded the time I needed for my training stipend which means I don’t have to give up cycling!


3 thoughts on “Wanna race?

  1. That is sad – why is the world becoming so rude – we need to teach them the meaning of compassionate

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