Got to keep my streak going!

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Travel day today!

When we go away from our hometown we are faced with unfamiliarity.

We don’t know where most of anything is so we have to reply on GPS directions.

And if the GPS fails us then we have to turn to maps.

Wait, what?

Oh yes paper maps. How many of you  regularly use one? How many of you actually know how to read one?

It’s like this generation relies on technology more than most. Yes I am an older part of the millennial generation but I still know how to do much of the old fashioned way of life.

What if technology fails us?

Do we know where we are going? Do we know how to get there?

I have a time trial tomorrow and for the most part this course will be fast well minus the small hill at the beginning and the going over I-57.

Find a map to know where you are going.

2 thoughts on “Got to keep my streak going!

  1. Great going – I was in death valley in 2015 no phone and GPS works there – only maps😊

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