Yes I’ll admit it!

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I have a lead foot sometimes but today I was often going 10 under the posted limit.

And it was not by choice. I have this theory that when the weather gets nice, people flock to their cars with the windows down to get the cool air or perhaps they may even have the air on and the windows up. And for whatever reason these people are going slow in ALL lanes and you can’t get around them. And if you turn there they are again.

So do you come up with various reasons why something is happening?

Can you explain why you think that is so?

A lot of what we do everyday there is a reason behind why it not go the way it was planned but how do you know the real reason why?

We treat it as if it may be usual but then again, how do we really know? We can’t know for sure and we just have to overcome it as we arrive at it.

Now I really don’t know why everyone was going slow but my explanation fills a void within my mind.

Until the next time of course.

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