Not what you think!

What is on the outside may not be what is on the inside and vice versa.

Embrace the differences. We are all unique.

Some of us may be great at one thing while others simply suck at it.

And of course what may be on the outside may be better than what is on the inside.

Do we ever know?

Only if we keep trying will the outside match what is in the inside.


A while back I made a cake but I made it look like nachos (this isn’t an exact photo of it).

It was shocking to many when pulled it out of the fridge but they all enjoyed it!

Take a look at yourself. Does your outside physical appearance match your inside?

If not what can you do to change it?

5 thoughts on “Not what you think!

  1. Yernasia Quorelios May 17, 2019 — 1:25 am


    β—‡ I Had a Conditioned Memory which, thankfully, I Have UnConditioned by Returning to The Purity of My Childlike State along with ALL of My Experience; so, NOW!!!, I Know what I Know without NEEDING!!! to Know How I Know and ALL Others Know Too yet Don’t Know How They Know Because They Remain in a State of Being Conditioned by Our Collective Upbringing…so, THOUGHTS!!! EveryOne; please πŸ€” ?



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    1. Interesting thought here? We all know subconsciously our thoughts which allows us to travel back to our childhood years.

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  2. so well said – inclusion is so important

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