Each of us is unique

We have different backgrounds,

Different cultures,

Different ways which we are raised,

We encounter different training and tasks,

And even some of us have different disabilities that we have to learn to overcome.

But one thing remains, we belong somewhere.

I have struggled with this one a lot. There are not many people who can at least partially understand what I am dealing with nor many people who are very patient. There are a few here and there who don’t fit this trend.

Because of this I don’t like getting out much.

But there seems to be at least one group that are very welcoming and understanding, military and Veterans.

At the race today I was often greeted without much delay by those who have ever served.

It’s really quite amusing how some people act when they hear me speak or something.

Next time you are around different people, think about how you would want to feel if you were different.

Are you being welcoming?

3 thoughts on “Unique

  1. Diversity and inclusion – well written and appreciate your sentiments

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