Right below your eyes

You’ve looked high and low for something,

You checked every room multiple times,

You retrace your steps to find it,

But you still can’t find it.

You have somewhere to go so you figure you will have to find it later.

This happens to all of us and it sure can be frustrating. You just don’t know where you put it.

And you know that it must be there,

You finally find it when you are looking for something else.

We need a Saturday laugh!

This sort of thing happened to me today and it’s quite amusing where they were “found”.

After I got up from my nap, I decided to get a coffee. To do this I’d need to drive somewhere.

So I drove to get my coffee and drove home and went to do some work for the Church on my laptop. At some point I set my keys somewhere

and so I don’t know what sparked me looking for them but I checked high and low and every room that I had been it.

I even checked everywhere several times.

But still no keys. By then my parents were coming to pick me up for dinner. I figured I’d have to find them later because I had to have them to get home.

So at dinner I went to grab my wallet,

And guess what?


Right in my pocket were my keys, probably the most obvious place someone would check.

But I am not normal, I thought you all figured that out by now. I get stuff done the right way in a way you probably didn’t think of. It works for me!

Have you ever found something right below your eyes that you lost?

3 thoughts on “Right below your eyes

  1. Happens all the time – losing keys is high on the list

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