Cycling, never forgotten!

Once we learn how to ride a bike, we never forget how to

Once a bird learns how to fly, they are able to fly again after an injury.

Once you learn how to play a musical instrument, you can pick it up after an absence and be able to play it.

I was lucky to not have major damage to the cerebellum although the brain stem injury could have easily been a cerebellum injury.

The procedure for riding a bike is never forgotten. It however, may need to be slightly adjust to account for other problems. Maybe you can’t walk? Maybe you have low vision? Maybe your balance sucks? Or maybe you are not able to have quick reflexes?

Whatever the issue may be there is a bike you can ride!

There are handcycles for those in wheelchairs or amputees.


There are tricycles for those who have balance problems.


There are tandems for those who have vision problems.


And there are normal bikes for everyone else.


Once you learn how to ride a bike, then you never forget.

Could this be related to ‘Never Forget” to 9/11/2001? To fellow comrades of the military? To those fallen before us?

With that said riding a trike is different than riding a bike. Because there are 2 back wheels, the center of weight is displaced when turning. With a bike you have to lean in the direction of the turn. This helps you to stay upright.

With two back wheels it really is not a good idea to lean in the direction of the turn. I have learned the hard way and even after doing it once I still continue to do it. One of the last few times was when I was turning left and leaned left causing me to tumble towards a major roadway. That was fun! Once you learn to ride a bike you never forget.

Riding a bike can be so much fun. Think of the places you can go, the cultures you can experience, the friends you can meet, and the physical fitness that you get from it.  I’m happy that I finally can start to see my 6 pack!

CA 2018

Are you cycling? Where has it taken you? What else have you not forgotten after an injury?

11 thoughts on “Cycling, never forgotten!

  1. you look great and you are right, once you learn a skill you don’t forget

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    1. Not sure what you mean but thanks for the comment 🙂

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      1. You are looking awesome that’s what I said 😊

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  2. blindzanygirl May 8, 2019 — 4:25 pm

    Wow! Brilliant.

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    1. Not sure what is brilliant but thanks for the comment and visit 🙂

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      1. blindzanygirl May 9, 2019 — 1:04 am

        The memories of cycling is brilliant, and you writing about it, and your own cycling. You are right that you never forget how to do it. I used to cycle many miles a day, but now I can’t because I am blind and wheelchair bound following cancer. But in my dreams I still cycle. I grieve that I can no longer cycle, or do many other things. But just to see (well, read with my apps) a post like this thrilled my heart. Sorry I was short, but I tend not to make long comments, with being blind.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Ah ok. I get it now. :)… Thanks for the comments!

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          1. blindzanygirl May 9, 2019 — 3:26 am

            You are really welcome. I enjoyed your post. Smiles.

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