The grocery cart

Sometimes things are completely random and totally unexpected.

What you may think is a bad thing may turn out to be an awesome thing.

We go through life in hopes to be the best that we can be, sometimes it may feel that we are lacking. Sometimes we don’t.

That’s the awesome part of life.

It’s even better when a complete stranger does something for you.

Yesterday morning I was up around 5:30. I tossed and turned which made for a long night. I really didn’t want to get up.

However I did and got ready to leave by 6.

I don’t start until 8 so I figured I’d tackle a few errands. The grocery store was open and I decided to tackle that task.

So I pulled up and there was a cart just sitting there. It looked like someone left a flier  so I figured I’d take it and toss the papers away. Instead I was delightfully surprised when there were 2 $5 lottery tickets unscratched in it.


I didn’t win but that made my day!

Are you living your life to be the best version of yourself?

3 thoughts on “The grocery cart

  1. Those surprises makes life interesting

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