15.60 Pounds

So lite but yet so heavy. A bit contradicting.

How can something be so lite but in opposite be so heavy for other things?

Every decision we make impacts different scenarios in different ways.

For some it is a good

but for others it may be a bad thing.

We never really know until we act upon it.

But even if it turned out bad can you make a positive out of it?

If so, I say that you are winning.

The ability to make something good out of something bad can be a great trait and personality characteristic that we ought to learn and grow from.

Only when we do, can we become the best version of ourselves.


I have a package coming that weighs 15.60 pounds; my bike and axle were shipped separately from the box.

Being a cyclist you want the lowest amount of weight that you have to move and the closer to your ideal weight in essence will make it move farther.

I am already at the top of my weight range for my height and most of that can’t be helped due to genetics and my injury.

But oh well.

15.60 pounds may not seem a lot but it is for a bike.

How do you handle contradictions?

8 thoughts on “15.60 Pounds

  1. Your trike only weighs 15.6 pounds?!?!

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    1. I thought that was bad? Add a few pounds for all of the components.


      1. I don’t know for sure, but it’s like one and a half bikes so it’s never going to be super light!

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  2. Wow – that seems light

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      1. You tell us after your ride

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